It’s 2019, and the way we have all seen Filmmaking, Digital Photography & Design is ever changing. It used to be applauding if you were a photographer with great photos, or a filmmaker with a great showreel or someone very creative and artsy with incredible design skills. 

Like anyone, I am unsure what the future holds, but if anyone ask me how I see the world I would.. 


When I think of visual media, I see videos, photos and design all interconnected to communicate an experience to the viewer with a sense of vibrance, which makes it pop.

The great thing about being a photographer is that the images I capture always stays with me in a manifested digital form. Some of my best shots are of moments of greatest sadness, poverty and failures in my career. Making the most of every opportunity, makes my heart smile. 

In my life, I’ve taken so many images that most would find meaningless. I too have discarded them, and replenished them at times of need. At the end of it, it’s all both meaningful and meaningless.

As long as it’s a good image well taken.